• Technology Weaponisation Awareness & Advisory
  • Technology related Threat Assessments
  • Playbook Design & Audit
  • Gamification, Simulations and Mentoring
  • Special Projects and Prototypes
  • OSINT Research and Investigations
  • Keynotes, Conferences, Workshops & Special Events

The Future Crime Agency works at the intersection Cutting-Edge Technology and Crime/Warfare & Terrorism. We support Law Enforcement (& other First Responders), Defence & their Contractors, Intelligence Agencies, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Think Tanks, Governments [ Federal | State | Local ], Courts [ Local | District | Supreme ] & Law Practioners, and Enterprises who work in these fields.

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The Future Crime Agency

"Technology Weaponisation Awareness & Advisory Services"

The Future Crime Agency exists to support those who protect the public/civilians and those who work to make the world a safer place. We use our expertise as innovators, technologists, and futurists to empower our clients by creating awareness about the weaponisation of technologies which are commonly available and that could be used for Criminal activity, Terrorism and Military Action.

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